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Arabia, coffee cup, Greta-Lisa Jäderholm

Product no ar200.
Arabia, coffee cup. Model: OB, Greta-Lisa Jäderholm. Years: 1928-1968.
This piece is from 1940's.

Product: 00266

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Arabia, deep dinner plate, Seita, Raija Uosikkinen

Item No. ad175.
Arabica, deep dinner plate, Seita Arctica. Design: Raija Uosikkinen.
Year, 1980-1988.
Diameter 20 cm, weight 0.376 kg...

Product: 03977

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Arabia, Christmas plate, Gunvor Olin-Grönqvist

Item No. lah660. Arabia, Christmas plate. Design, Gunvor Olin-Grönqvist. Year, 1980. Width 12 cm, height 12 cm, weight 129 g...

Product: 05455

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Starter fork, Scandia, Kaj Franck

Product no ab938.
Starter fork, Scandia. Design: Kaj Franck, Hackman, Sorsakoski. 1960's.
Stainless steel. Width 16 cm.

Product: 02772

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Arabia, deep dinner plate, Sininen Maisema

Product no arsl010.
Arabia, deep dinner plate, ' Blue Landscape'.
1960's. Diameter 23 cm.
Year: 1936-1975 Model: Reinhard Richter As model was aimed at the export market to compete with the English tableware. It turned out to be from the beginning of the sales success of the home. Exporting countries'..

Product: 00805

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Arabia Art Department, handmade decorative bowl, Raija Tuumi

Item No. de194. Arabia Art Department, handmade decorative bowl, Raija Tuumi. Height 7.5 cm, width 13 cm. Signature on the bottom...

Product: 390142

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Drinking glass, Marski, Tapio Wirkkala

Product no jk032.
Marski. Design: Tapio Wirkkala. Year: 1966.
Height 6 cm, diameter of the mouth hole 6 cm.

Product: 00909

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Glass swan, Studio glass

Product no pk002.
Glass swan. Studio glass.
Height 12 cm.

Product: 00545

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