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Bun tray. Manufacturer, Lomonosov. Made in the USSR.

Item No. lam26. Bun tray. Manufacturer, Lomonosov. Made in the USSR. Height 4 cm, a diameter of 21.5 cm, weight 455 g...

Product: 06742

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Arabia, coffee cup, Kulta-aika 9

Item No. ad219. Arabia coffee cup, Kulta-aika 9, (Golden Age 9). Year, 1990's. Height 6 cm, diameter 8.5 cm, plate diameter 13 cm. Weight 0.260 kg...

Product: 03691

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Arabia Province mocha cup, North Karelia

Item No. lem028.
Arabia Province mocha cup, North Karelia. Stamp, 1971-75.
Cup height 5.6 cm, diameter 5.5 cm, weight 139 g...

Product: 08452

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Arabia, salad bowl, Kielo, Raija Uosikkinen

Product no ab989.
Arabia sala bowl, Kielo. Design: Raija Uosikkinen.
Height 11 cm, diameter 22 cm.

Product: 02803

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Arabia, appetizer plate / bread plate, Olivia, Raija Uosikkinen

Item No. lah584. Arabia appetizer plate / bread plate, Olivia. Design, Raija Uosikkinen. Year, 1964-71. Diameter 19.2 cm, weight 281 g.
Raija Uosikkinen (b. 1923 in Hollola, d. 2004 in Helsinki) studied at the Central School of Art and Design for porcelain painter in 1944 - 1947. She then..

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Arabia, sauce boat, Tähkä, Raija Uosikkinen.

Product no aa272.
Arabia sauce boat, Tähkä. Design, Raija Uosikkinen.Ornament pressed by silk technique.
Beginning of 1960's.
Height 8 cm, diameter of the top part 19,5 cm.

Product: 01307

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Glass vase, Sweden

Product no aa851.
Glass vase, Sweden. Height 24 cm, diameter 6 cm.

Product: 01818

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Arabia serving bowl, Fasaani

Item No. lak349. Arabia serving bowl, Pheasant. Year, 1932-49, pipe stamp. Height 5.5 cm, width 24.8 cm x 19.2 cm. Signs of use.
Glaze under weight copper decoration Pheasant is one of the longest-running Arabia decorations that were used in four sets of tableware. Like Willow, a Pheasant-topic..

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