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Arabia, mug, Kosmos, Gunvor Olin-Grönqvist

Product no ab704.
Arabia mug, Kosmos. Design, Gunvor Olin-Grönqvist. Year, 1970's.
Height 8 cm, diameter 10 cm.
The cosmos is Gunvor Olin-Görnqvist designed S tableware decoration, which has been used imaginatively blown ornament modeled and the color of glaze. Cosmos decoration was used in 1962-76..

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Arabia, soup pot, Elite

Item No. ad161. Arabia, soup pot, Elite. Height without lid about 9.5 cm, diameter 20.5 cm. Weight 1.167 kg...

Product: 03920

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Arabia ARA, Art Department, bowl, hand made

Item No. lem909.
Arabia ARA, Art Department, bowl, made ​​by hand.
Red clay, the edges of the leaf decoration. The mass label.
Transverse grooves, such as Michael Schilkin.
Height 5 cm, diameter 19.5 cm x 19 cm, weight 602 g...

Product: 08417

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Deep plate. Decoration, Viola Canina, dog violet. Plate No. 3.

Item No. lak113. Deep plate. Decoration, Viola Canina, dog violet. Plate No. 3. Manufacturer, Christineholm Porcelain. Cloverleaf product. Diameter 22.7 cm, weight 410 g...

Product: 05892

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Glass ram, Harald, Pertti Santalahti

Product no ac600.
Glass ram, Harald, casted in mould, August.
Height 8 cm, width 12 cm x 3,5 cm, weight 605 g.
Design, Pertti Santalahti, Humppila.
Year, 1981-1986.

Product: 03365

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Arabia, sauceboat, Fasaani

Product no ab886.
Arabia sauceboat, Pheasant. Years, 1893-1917.
Height 10,5 cm, diameter 16 cm.
Glaze under weight copper decoration Pheasant is one of the longest-running Arabia decorations that were used in four sets of tableware. Like Willow, a Pheasant-topic in detail over the years, little..

Product: 02719

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Arabia coffee pot, Saara. Design, Anja Jaatinen-Winqvist.

Item No. lam174. Arabia coffee pot, Saara. Design, Anja Jaatinen-Winqvist. Year, 1971-76. Height of the lid knob 19.5 cm, diameter 10 cm, weight 1,181 kg. Dishwasher safe.
Stone production of goods was to increase Arabia. Anja Jaatinen-Winquist was commissioned to design a model for a new set..

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Small glass decorative plate

Item No. aa133. Small glass decorative plate. Width 13.5 cm...

Product: 01170

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