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Cognac glass, Seven sun. Design, Tapio Wirkkala

Item No. lak195. Cognac glass, Seven sun. Design, Tapio Wirkkala, Iittala. Year, 1968-73. Height 12 cm, diameter 7 cm, weight 128 g...

Product: 05975

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Arabia, serving plate, black gold stripe

Product No. ae791. Arabia, serving plate, black gold stripe. Year, 1932-49, pipe stamp. Height 4.5 cm, width 28 cm x 17.7 cm, weight 615 g...

Product: 04765

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Price: 75.00 €

Lara, crystal carafe / vase. Design, Eero Rislakki.

Item No. lem232. Lara, a crystal decanter. Design, Eero Rislakki. Manufacturer, Mäntyharjun glass factory. Height 26.5 cm, width 10 cm x 7,5 cm, weight 1,409 kg. Originally Mäntyharjun glass (1968-1971) designed product line. The products were made of crystal with a lead content of 24%. Production..

Product: 07683

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Arabia, figure, polar bear, Raili Eerola

Product no ab28.
Arabia figure, polar bear. Design, Raili Eerola. Beginning of 1960's.
Width 7 cm, height 3,5 cm.

Product: 542928

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Price: 85.00 €

Arabia, bun plate, Paratiisi, Paradise, Birger Kaipiainen

Item No. lam561. Arabia bun plate, Paradise. Design, Birger Kaipiainen. Diameter 16.2 cm, weight 253 g. Designed in 1969, made in 1970-74, 87 - The rich decoration was at its peak Arabian artist Birger Kaipiainen Paradise service, which was launched in 1970. The platters and bowls had an oval..

Product: 07194

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Arabia ARA art department, hand-painted vase.

Item No. de691.
Arabia ARA art department, hand-painted vase.
Mass Stamp. Height 15 cm, mouth diameter 7,2 cm, bottom 12 cm...

Product: 611384

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Price: 165.00 €

Arabia bun plate, flower decoration

Item No. lak580. Arabia bun plate, flower decoration. Year, 1949-64. Diameter 16.5 cm, weight 180 g...

Product: 06342

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Arabia wall plate, Tunturissa, Anita Rantanen-Siemers

Product No. ae125. Arabia wall plate, Tundra. Designer, Anita Rantanen-Siemers. Height 12.2 cm, width 12.2 cm, weight 165 g...

Product: 04050

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