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Arabia, appetizer plate, Pekka

Product no ac602.
Arabia appetizer plate, Pekka. 1930's. Pipe stamp.
Diameter 21 cm, weight 306 g.
FQ tableware decorations is best known for the years 1934-56, Pekka. Pekka has glaze below, raw, unfired object painted with cobalt stripes, the color is often absorbed by the porous mass of an object..

Product: 03362

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Arabia, coffee cup, Päivi, Inkeri Leivo

Product no ar166.
Arabia, coffee cup, Päivi.
Model: KR. Design: Inkeri Leivo. Years: 1984-1988.

Product: 00235

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Price: 13.00 €

Arabia, candle lantern

Tuote nro ac640.
Arabia, candle lantern, Ateljé. 1970's.
Height 8 cm, diameter 8,3 cm, weight 104 g.

Product: 03398

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Price: 40.00 €

The Moscow Summer Olympics vase. Manufacturer, Lomonosov

Product lam70. The Moscow Summer Olympics vase. Manufacturer, Lomonosov. Made in the USSR. Height 10 cm, width 7 cm x 6 cm, weight 135 g...

Product: 06774

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Castle beer glass, St. Olaf's Castle, Oiva Toikka

Item No. ad385. Castle beer glass, St. Olaf's Castle.
Designer, Oiva Toikka, Nuutajärvi.
Blasted rock crystal. Year, 1980's.
Height 19 cm, diameter 8.4 cm, weight 467 g.

Product: 03789

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Price: 65.00 €

Arabia, saltpot

Product no aa314.
Arabia retro, saltpot, Sirpa.
Width 17,5 cm, depth 9 cm, height 13 cm.
Small dent in inner rim. Dent unseen when cover is on.

Product: 01343

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Price: 70.00 €

Whisky glass, crystal, Yrjö decoration

Product no jk010.
Crystal Whisky glass, Yrjö decoration.
Height 9 cm, mouth's diameter 8 cm.

Product: 00883

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Price: 35.00 €

Arabia oven bowl. Signature, RN

Item no ha033.
Arabia oven bowl.
Signature, RN
Height at the top of the lid is 13 cm, diameter 19 cm...

Product: 721847

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Price: 95.00 €