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Wall plate, Iloinen Katse, Heljä Liukko-Sundström

Product no aa592.
Arabia wall plate, Iloinen katse. Design, Heljä Liukko-Sundström. Year, 1995.
Height 23 cm, width 11 cm.

Product: 01572

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Snaps glass, Kartio, Cones. Design, Kaj Franck.

Item No. de201.
Snaps glass, Kartio, Cones. Design, Kaj Franck.
Year, 1956-75.
Height 5.2 cm, diameter 6.2 cm.

Product: 392533

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Price: 18.00 €

Arabia bun plate, Gold Stripe

Item No. lak599. Arabia bun plate, Gold Stripe. Design, Greta Lisa Jäderholm-Snellman. Year, 1932-49, pipe stamp. Diameter 15.2 cm, weight 146 g. Plates of wear and tear. Artist Greta Lisa Snellman Jäderholm-Mann in the early 1930s designed porcelain cups are stunningly elegant Finnish art decot..

Product: 06359

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Arabia, sauceboat, Martta

Product no ac541.
Arabia sauceboat, Martta.
Height 10,5 cm, width 20,5 cm x 12 cm, weight 594 g.

Product: 03468

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Price: 60.00 €

Arabia, low plate, Jugend Ruusu

Product no aa584.
Arabia low plate, Jugend Ruusu. 1920's to -1940's.
Diameter 24 cm.

Product: 01557

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Arabia, coffee cup, Inari, Göran Bäck

Product no ar173.
Arabia, coffee cup, Inari.
Model: GF. Design: Göran Bäck, stoneware, Inari decoration. Years: 1975-1991.
Saucers are whit different stamp's.

Product: 00242

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Arabia, deep dinner plate Windflower, Olga Osol

Product no lah134.
Arabia, deep dinner plate, Windflower. Design, Olga Osol. Year, 1930's, pipe stamp.
Diameter 23,2 cm, weight 386 kg.
Hand painted.

Product: 04927

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Price: 35.00 €

Arabia creamer, Lace, (Pitsi) Raija Uosikkinen

Product No. ae784. Arabia creamer, Lace.  (Pitsi) Design, Raija Uosikkinen. Year, 1960. Image Transfer. Height 6 cm, diameter 7 cm, weight 90 g...

Product: 04758

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