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Arabia deep serving plate, flower decoration

Item No. lak391. Arabia deep serving plate, flower decoration. Year, 1932-49, pipe stamp. Diameter 25 cm, weight 475 g...

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Arabia, deep dinner plate, Suomen kukka

Product No. ars001. Arabia, Finnish flower, deep dinner plate. Year, 1940-1950's. Diameter 23.2 cm.
"Finland's stark beauty of the flower brings to mind our own country and what is known as the Nordic nations. All modesty is Finland's strong and beautiful flowers, but also graceful and well proportioned..

Product: 00947

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Drinking glass, groun glass

Product no ab481.
Finnish, small drinking glass. Groun glass.
Height 8,5 cm, diameter 5 cm.

Product: 02337

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Arabia, sugar bowl, Minerva, Olga Osol

Product no ac262.
Arabia sugar bowl, Minerva. Years: 1957-1966.
Height 810,5 cm, diameter 11 cm.

Product: 03078

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Arabia, bun plate, Golden Age V

Item No. lah417. Arabia, bun plate, Gold-time V. The 1990's. Diameter 16.5 cm, weight 230 g...

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Wall plate, Maskerade, Februar, Björn Wiinbland

Product no ab188.
Wall plate, Maskerade, February. Design, Björn Wiinbland, Nymölle, Denmark.
Diameter 15 cm.

Product: 693935

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Arabia small serving plate, Kaarina Aho

Item No. lak558. Arabia small serving plate, Model Hf, Kaarina Aho. Height 3.5 cm, width 8.8 cm x 8.8 cm...

Product: 346409

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Cobalt blue big tumbler, Kartio, Cone. Design, Kaj Franck

Item No. de200.
Cobalt blue big tumbler, Kartio, Cone. Design, Kaj Franck, Iittala.
Year, 1958-1993.
According to the latest discontinued in 2011
Height 12.5 cm, diameter 8.3 cm.

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