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Arabia, small milk jug, Orri, Raija Uosikkinen

Item No. lah729. Arabia, small milk jug, Orri. Design, Raija Uosikkinen. Year 1964. Height 12.5 cm, diameter 9 cm, weight 533 g...

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Arabia Moomin deep plate, high dive. Design, Tove Jansson.

Item No. lem816.
Arabia Moomin deep plate, high dive.
Design, Tove Jansson. Year, 2006.
Height 5.5 cm, diameter 14.7 cm, weight 294 g.
Minor signs of use...

Product: 08266

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Arabia, milk-jug, Irja

Product no ar134.
Arabia, milk-jug, Irja.
Reinhard Richter AS model and Irja-called ornamental, which is printed in gold color soaked rubber stamp. Gold stamped decoration Irja is from 1940-44. Irja is a "laugh" and "crying" version. The picture shows a laughing Irja. Rarer, crying Irja..

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Arabia mug

Product No. ae429. Arabia mug. Height 8 cm, diameter 8 cm, weight 256 g...

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Glass vase, Kaj Franck

Product no ac109.
Glass vase. Design, Kaj Franck. Nuutajärvi glass.
Year, 1959. Signed.
Height 11,5 cm, diameter 10,5 cm.

Product: 02916

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Arabia, coffee cup, Kesto, Kaj Franck

Product no aa96.
Arabia, coffee cup, Kesto.
Design: Kaj Franck. Model: LF. 1950's to 1960's.

Product: 01124

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Arabia coffee cup. Year 1932-49, pipe stamp.

Item No. lem779.
Arabia coffee cup. Year 1932-49, pipe stamp.
The cup height 5 cm, diameter 8 cm...

Product: 08332

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Bun tray, Apila

Product no aa49.
Bun tray, Apila. Nuutajärvi.
Diameter 25 cm.

Product: 01080

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