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Arabia milk jug, Lumikukka, Snow Flower, blue. Design, Raija Uosinnen.

Item no kam096.
Arabia milk jug, Snow Flower, blue.
Design, Raija Uosikkinen.
Height 16 cm, diameter 11 cm, weight 577 g.
Stamp 1949-64.
The tone of porcelain made ​​from Snow flower ornaments X-tableware has been in production from 1961 to 66 in gray and blue, the color pink, and 1961-64..

Product: 08580

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Arabia, soup pot, Siro

Product no ar038.
Arabia, soup pot.
Model FG, Hard faience. Arabia's catalogue 1967.

Product: 00299

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Arabia wall plate, the summer winds in the archipelago, Anita Rantanen-Siemers

Item No. lah221. Arabia wall plate, the summer winds in the archipelago. Design, Anita Rantanen-Siemers. Width of 12.4 cm, height 12.4 cm, weight 159 g...

Product: 07423

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Arabia, bun tray, Rose, Anneli Qveflander

Item No. lem370. Arabia, bun tray, Rose. Ulla Procopé D model, which was in production from 1957 to 1969.
Anneli Qveflander Rose ornament was designed by Kaj Franck order to counteract typical for fine ornamental.
Diameter 25 cm, weight 487 g.
Attn! Sings of use.

Product: 07822

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Arabia, herring plate, Minerva, Olga Osol

Product no ab266.
Arabia herring plate, Minerva. Design, Olga Osoll. 1950's.
Width 23,5 cm x 13 cm.

Product: 02126

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Arabia, deep plate, Ahti, Raija Uosikkinen

Product no ab356.
Arabia deep dinner plate, Ahti. Design: Raija Uosikkinen. Years: 1964-1974.
Diameter 24,3 cm.

Product: 02228

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Arabia wall plate, Cathedral

Product no ac215.
Arabia wall plate, Cathedral.
Width 12 cm, height 12 cm.

Product: 03032

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Arabia big serving plate, Veronica. Design, Inkeri Leivo. Item No. lak939.

Item No. lak939. Arabia big serving plate, Veronica. Design, Inkeri Leivo. Year 1980. Diameter 29.5 cm, weight 852 g. Dishwasher safe...

Product: 06661

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