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Arabia herring platter. Design, Einar Forseth.

Item No. lam639. A little wear and tear in Fig. Arabia herring platter. Design, Einar Forseth. Stamp, 1928-32, Tower stamp. Height 2.5 cm, width 24.5 cm x 13.5 cm, weight 285 g. Shower source describing the decoration No 7329 is designed by Einar Forsethin. Arabia it has been used 1931-34...

Product: 07261

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Arabia, oval serving plate, 1930's

Product no ac695.
Arabia, oval serving plate. 1930's, pipe stamp.
Width 36,5 cm x 24,5 cm, height 3,5 cm, weight 1,009 kg.

Product: 03457

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Price: 75.00 €

Vase, Aalto. Design, Alvar Aalto, Iittala.

Item No. lam522. Vase, Aalto. Design, Alvar Aalto, Iittala. Height 15 cm, diameter 15 cm, weight 878 g. The bottom of the engraving, the Alvar Aalto...

Product: 07160

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Arabia, bread plate, grey landscape

Product No. ae261.
Arabia, bread plate, grey landscape. Year, 1932-49, pipe stamp.
Diameter 17.2 cm, weight 187 g.
Copper weight ornamental landscape.
Year: 1936-1975 Model: Reinhard Richter
ATTENTION! Shades of color grey might be little different, to avoid mistakes please contact our shop before..

Product: 04290

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Arabia, coffee pot, Pehtoori, Antti Nurmesniemi

Product no ac679.
Arabia coffee pot, Pehtoori. Design, Antti Nurmesniemi.
Height 18 cm, diameter 12,5 cm, weight 1.080 kg.

Product: 03424

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Price: 165.00 €

Flower vase, hand work

Item No. lak301. Flower vase, hand work. Year, 1956. Signed. Height 11 cm, diameter 8.5 cm, weight 137 g...

Product: 06089

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Arabia, mug, Ateljé, Pontikka

Product ac115.
Arabia Ateljé, Pontikka. Year, 1970's. Small schnapps jug.
Height 5 cm, diameter 4,7 cm.

Product: 02931

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Drinking glass, Maxi-glass, Verna. Design, Kerttu Nurminen

Item No. at451. Drinking glass, Maxi-glass, Verna.
Design, Kerttu Nurminen, Iittala. Height 18 cm, diameter 8.5 cm...

Product: 772171

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