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Glass carafe, Erkki Vesanto

Item No. lak168. Glass carafe. Design, Erkki Vesanto. Height 23.5 cm, diameter 10 cm, weight 490 g...

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Arabia, milk jug, Linnea, Raija Uosikkinen

Item No. ad127.
Milk jug, Linnea. Design: Raija Uosikkinen, Arabia. Year, 1954-64. Height 13 cm, diameter about 9 cm.
Weight 529 g.
Sings of use.

Product: 03921

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Arabia wall plate, Satakunta flower, sea buckthorn, Kirsti Brandt

Product No. ae413. Arabia wall plate. Satakunta flower, sea buckthorn. Design, Kirsti Brandt. Diameter 19.5 cm, weight 433 g...

Product: 08758

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Arabia pint. Year, 1968. Signed

Item No. lah994. Arabia pint. Year, 1968. Signed. Height 11.5 cm, diameter 8.5 cm, weight 424 g...

Product: 05775

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Arabia, bun plate, Göran Bäck

Item No. lah054. Arabia, bun plate. Retro. Design, Göran Bäck. Model BR. Year, 1971-75. Diameter 16.5 cm, weight 225 g.
Small sings of use...

Product: 509995

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Arabia, serving plate, Ruska, Ulla Procopé

Product no ab341.
Arabia serving plate, Ruska. Design, Ulla Procopé. 1970's.
Width 36,3 cm x 24,3 cm.
Around the same time with Valencia, in 1960, became the production, designed by Ulla Procopé S dinnerware, which material was incomparably strong gray stoneware. Decoration was initially closely..

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Arabia, wall plate, Rosa Ever Gold, Esteri Tomula

Product no ac118.
Arabia wall plate, Rosa Ever Gold.
Design: Esteri Tomula. Year: 1984.
Width 12 cm, height 12 cm.

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Arabia, coffee cup, 1930's

Product no ab474.
Arabia coffee cup. 1930's, pipe stamp.

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