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Arabia, mocha cup, Maja, year 1956

Product no aa619.
Arabia mocha cup, Maja. "Annual cup" from 1956.

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Arabia, serving bowl, Heini, Raija Uosikkinen

Product No. ae717. Arabia, serving bowl, Heini. Design, Raija Uosikkinen. Year, 1957-71. Height 10,5 cm, diameter 21,5, weight 856 g. Weight of copper ornaments.
Kaarina Aho, the AR model. Ornamental Heini is Raija Uosikkinen designed and was awarded the gold medal at the 1961 exhibition in the..

Product: 04699

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Cake tray

Product no tar001.
Cake tray. Nuutajärvi.
Height 13,5 cm, diameter 22 cm.

Product: 00944

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Arabia, white coffee cup.

Item No. lam152. Arabia, white coffee cup. Mass Stamp, AL, Arabic, NN, G6. The cup height 5.5 cm, diameter 7.7 cm...

Product: 06849

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Arabia teapot, Rosmarin, decoration Ulla Procopé.

Product no ar039.
Arabia, teapot Rosmarin.
Decoration: Ulla Procopé. Hand painted.
Years, 1961-1972.

Product: 00158

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Drinking glass, Paula, Jorma Vennola

Product no ae121.
Drinking glass, Paula. Design: Jorma Vennola.
Height 7 cm, diameter 6 cm, weight 130 g.
Designed in 1977, made in 1978-89. Stainless steel or gold-plated holder.
Serie also includes plate: product no ab666.

Signs of use!..

Product: 02524

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Arabia cereal bowl, Soma. Design, Olga Osol

Item No. lak135. Arabia cereal bowl, Soma. Design, Olga Osol. Year, 1953-60. Height 4 cm, diameter 17.2 cm, weight 290 g. Hard earthenware. Tiny signs of use...

Product: 05917

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Candleholder, Ballo. Design, Annaleena Hakatie

Item No. lak303. Candleholder, Ballo. Design, Annaleena Hakatie, Iittala. Year, 1995. Height 4.5 cm, diameter 9.4 cm, weight 411 g...

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