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Llidded glass bowl, candy bowl.

Item No. lem671.
Lidded glass bowl, candy bowl.
Factor is unknown.
The height of the lid knob 17.5 cm, diameter 17 cm, 1.171 kg of weight...

Product: 08193

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Price: 55.00 €

Arabia, candle lantern, design Richard Lindh

Product no ar113.
Arabia, candle lantern. Yeari, 1986.
Design, Richard Lindh
Height 7,5 cm, width 7,5 cm.

Product: 00459

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Price: 40.00 €

Serving bowl, Lastu, Chipboard. Design, Göran Bäck, Nuutajärvi.

Item No. at438.
Serving bowl, Lastu, Chipboard.
Design, Göran Bäck, Nuutajärvi.
In production, only the year 1982.
Height 5.8 cm, diameter 19 cm...

Product: 395729

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Price: 75.00 €

Glass vase, Karhula Glass Ltd.

Product No. ae164. Glass vase. Manufacturer, Karhula Glass Ltd. Height 10.5 cm, diameter 7.5 cm, weight 260 g...

Product: 04118

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Price: 65.00 €

Drinking glass.

Item No. de912.
Drinking glass.
Height 10 cm, diameter 5.8 cm...

Product: 663136

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Arabia, coffee cup

Product no aa641.
Arabia, coffee cup. Year: 1953.

Product: 01620

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Arabia, serving tray, Talvikki, Raija Uosikkinen

Product no ac719.
Arabia, serving tray, Talvikki.
Model C. Design, Richard Lind. Ornament, Raija Uosikkinen. Years, 1967-1974.
Material porcelain.
Diameter 32,5 cm, weight 1.130 kg.

C-tableware designed by Richard Lindh new Poslit-faience, which could be made thinner and lighter but also stronger..

Product: 03494

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Price: 80.00 €

Paper weight, Ahti, Valto Kokko

Product no pk043.
Paper weight, Ahti. Design, Valto Kokko. Year 1983.
Height 10 cm, width 8 cm.

Product: 00579

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Price: 45.00 €