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Glass weight / decoration, Iittala

Product No. ae562. Glass weight / decoration. Manufacturer, Iittala. Height 6.5 cm, width 10.3 cm x 4.5 cm, weight 420 g...

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Arabia platter, Minerva, Olga Osol

Item No. at133. Arabia platter, Minerva, Olga Osol. Year, 1949-64. Width 36cm x 28 cm. Height 4 cm. Small traces of use...

Product: 386353

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Schnapps glass 5023, Kaj Franck

Product no ac20.
Schnapps glass, model 5023.
Design, Kaj Franck. Year: 1953-1968.
Height 5,7 cm, diameter 5,5 cm. 6 cl.

Product: 722836

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Arabia, coffee cup, Ruska, Ulla Procopé

Product no ar211.
Arabia, coffee cup, Ruska.
Model: S. Decoration: Ulla Procopé.
Years: 1961-2000.
Small differences in color and size.
Around the same time with Valencia, in 1960, became the production, designed by Ulla Procopé S dinnerware, which material was incomparably strong gray stoneware..

Product: 672005

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Wall plate, Heljä Liukko-Sundström

Product no aa122.
Arabia wall plate. Design, Heljä Liukko-Sundström. Year 1982.
Waidth 11 cm, height 23 cm.

Product: 685557

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Arabia, creamer, Kosmos, Gunvor Olin-Grönqvist

Product No. ae036 Arabia, creamer, blue Kosmos. Height 6.5 cm, diameter 9 cm, weight 283 g. The cosmos is Gunvor Olin-Görnqvist designed S tableware decoration, which has been used imaginatively blown ornament modeled and the color of glaze. Cosmos decoration was used in 1962-76. The bottom is..

Product: 04151

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Appetizer Plate, Christineholm Porcelain.

Item No. de581.
Appetizer Plate. Manufacturer, Christineholm Porcelain.
Diameter 19.5 cm...

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Candleholder, Balladi, Jorma Vennola, Iittala.

Item No. ad320 Candleholder, Balladi. Design: Jorma Vennola, Iittala.

In the original container. Height 7 cm, diameter 7 cm, weight 105 g.


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