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Arabia, serving bowl, Kilta, Kaj Franck

Product no ab395.
Arabia serving bowl, Kilta. Design: Kaj Franck.
Height 9,5 cm, diameter 18 cm.
year: 1953-75 format: Kaj Franck material: hard earthenware During the reconstruction period was a remarkable set of dishes for new Guild, Kaj Franck-minded reflection and the need for an in-depth..

Product: 02264

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Wine glass, ground glass, bird pattern.

Item No. lem221. Wine glass, ground glass, bird pattern. Height 11 cm, diameter 6.2 cm, weight 83 g...

Product: 07558

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Price: 25.00 €

Art bowl, Tehdas Lampinen (Factory Lampinen)

Product no ac746.
Art bowl. Manufacturer: Tehdas Lampinen (factory Lampinen).
Height 5 cm, widht 28,5 cm x 18 cm, weight 428 g.

Product: 03522

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Arabia, bun plate, Kesti.

Item No. lem007.
Arabia, bun plate, Kesti.
Model GB. Design, Göran Bäck. Year, 1968.
Diameter 17 cm, weight 224 g...

Product: 08457

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Red wine glass, Aarne. Design, Göran Hongell, Iittala.

Item No. lam435. Red wine glass, Aarne. Design, Göran Hongell, Iittala. Height 11.8 cm, diameter 7.5 cm, weight 231 g. The designer Göran Hongell Aarne was designed in 1948. It won the gold medal at the Milan Triennale in 1954. Simple elegant, glass series was only four sizes, Hongell that was sufficient..

Product: 07171

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Arabia, bun tray, Oivi. Product no ar227.

Product no ar227.
Arabia, bun tray, Oivi.

Product: 00436

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Candlestick. Design,Marjut Maarni , Pentik. In original.

Item No. lem132. Candlestick. Design, Marjut Maarni, Pentik. In original. Height 7.5 cm, diameter of about 10.5 cm, weight 482 g. Series bowl, Item no lem133...

Product: 07622

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Schnapps glass packaging, Kalinka, Timo Sarpaneva

Item No. ad316 Schnapps glass packaging, Kalinka. Design: Timo Sarpaneva. Box dimensions: height 8 cm, width 27.5 cm, depth 5.5 cm, weight 781 g. Glass dimensions: height 7 cm, diameter 4.5 cm, weight 106 g.

Product: 04782

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