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Arabia coffee cup, a cup of the Father

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Arabia coffee cup, a cup of the Father. Year, 1964.

Weight 280 grams.

Wear and signs of use.
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Arabia, coffee cup, Hopearaita, Greta-Lisa Jäderholm-Snellman

Product No, lah230.
Arabia coffee cup, Silver Stripe. Design, Greta-Lisa Jäderholm-Snellman.
Year, 1933-40, pipe stamp.
Weight, 187 g. Decoration slightly loosened, is shown in picture.
Greta-Lisa Jäderholm-Snellman, the EP-model of the porcelain tableware, decorative silver stripe..

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Arabia coffee cup, Gold Stripe

Item No. lak598. Arabia coffee cup, Gold Stripe. Design, Greta Lisa Jäderholm-Snellman. Year, 1932-49, pipe stamp. Cup height 5 cm, diameter 8 cm. Gold plating of wear and tear. Artist Greta Lisa Snellman Jäderholm-Mann in the early 1930s designed porcelain cups are stunningly elegant Finnish art..

Product: 06358

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